5 Important Rules For Submitting Music To Blogs

5 Important Rules For Submitting Music To Blogs

Many people do not understand how to properly reach out to blogs and get the results that could get them more exposure. This post addresses five rules that artists should consider when reaching out to blogs. Please note that this approach may not happen overnight and that it may take some time once a routine is developed to see results, but it will work.


1. Do as much research as possible

Many artists attempt to reach out to blogs without a game plan and that's the wrong thing they can do. One of the first things an artist should do is know their target audience and where that target audience would get the music opinions from. The best way to do that is to talk to their fans on social media about what blogs the visit to find out about new music, then research those websites and the types of artists they feature. The artist should also know the blog’s goals and if they align with their goals. While doing this research, they should ask questions, such as “will this blog help push my music to the right people?”. Find at least 3 to 5 blogs to draw that attention to.


2. Email your submission

Email is the best way to submit your music. The worst thing the artist can do is to spam a blog via social media with song links. It doesn't give the best impression. So, find out who would possibly read the email. It may be best to follow that blog’s music reviewer(s) on social media and engage in general conversation with them in order to gain a relationship before that email is sent. Make sure to include the song, album, and/or video in the email, and ways to find you online. IMPORTANT: Only send your music as a link, i.e a Soundcloud link! Do not attach a file to the email, otherwise they won't open it.


3. Know your story

One of the best ways to approach the email is to develop a story. This should be your press release/EPK and should be as brief and as potent as possible, like an elevator pitch. This means that the email should not just consist of a link to a song and a picture, or even an autobiography. Be sure to include your EPK/press photos (we'll talk about how to put together the best electronic press kit in a future blog post). A paragraph's worth of material is fine, as long as there’s enough mentioned about the artist in those few lines.


4. Proofread

It would be terrible to send an email to a writer and have very bad grammatical errors or to address the wrong person and/or blog. So, proofread the email yourself and have someone else reread it in order to make sure that it includes everything it needs. Personalise the email to the person from the blog.


5. Be patient

Blogs are always being pitched music, with some receiving hundreds of submissions a day. So, be patient; most won't respond right away. After you send your email, wait at least three days before following up. If the person is active on social media, reach out to them there respectfully. If seven days goes by, send another email and another social media blurb. If that doesn’t work, draw your attention to another blog, depending on your time restraints.


Guest post for Three Cheers For Victor by Amirah Muhammad of transcendingsound.com - a website created for and about urban music creatives and hip-hop, R&B, and jazz fans.