How To Market Yourself As An Artist In 2017

How to market yourself as a musician in 2017

Being an artist in 2017 and marketing yourself successfully is crucial to your growth and career, no matter what genre of music it may be. As any artist will eventually come to terms with, it’s not easy doing it on your own. There’s often a team of people behind any given artist, giving input on which direction the artist should go in, and especially so with marketing. How could one be successful on your own accord in this era of marketing? We’ll go through some of the best tips that all artists should know to increase their growth and image.


Invest in yourself as an artist. Spend your money smartly and on what matters. Nobody is going to invest in an artist if they haven’t proven themselves that they can invest time, energy, and money to their own cause. Set goals to accomplish both on a daily basis and over the long term to keep yourself motivated and working towards getting where you need to be.


Utilise social media. Like it or not, a lot of the organic traffic will come straight from social media. Be active on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram to connect with fans and massively increase your exposure. Not only do these platforms come with natural exposure, but an artist can invest in utilising advertising features to reach the perfect demographic.


Artists always need to make sure video is consistently being integrated into the artist’s marketing. In this digital era, consumers NEED a visual. Whether it’s a music video, vlogs, or concert videos, giving fans video content is fun and helps place the artist’s footprint on the scene, as well as creating a module of advertisement that can easily transfer to most platforms, further helping to increase your exposure.


Another thing artists can do that will make their profile a lot easier to market, is making their gigs memorable. An artist can’t do much better for themselves than by just putting on a fantastic, memorable show. If your live shows are great, word of mouth will take action and your performance will live on and increase your appeal.


Don’t forget to submit music to blogs! Though people read less nowadays, tons of independent blogs are passionate about music and would likely feature you for free if you ask nicely! A blog post may last forever, and a good article can do big things for an artist’s image, like act as a foundation for getting picked up by other major music publications, such as Pitchfork, XXL or Rolling Stone.


We must understand that living in the digital era comes with many benefits and setbacks, and artists must be mindful of those along the way. For example, social media may make it very easy to get exposure to a mass audience, but the artists will always be susceptible to potential obstacles and controversy. In short, take advantage of your resources and deliver interesting content. Make moves wisely and any artist can find marketing success. 


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