Take a gander below at a few examples of the design work we've carried out for various clients.


International Translations Limited

ITL is a second generation, family-run organisation with over 40 years of experience in the linguistic services sector. When the business was taken over by the founder's daughter, it was decided that it required a rebrand and help in transitioning into digital. Alannah revised the brand by creating a new logo and brand identity, creating a whole new website, designing offline and online marketing materials, including business cards, leaflets, roller banners, posters, stickers, social ad creatives, short videos, and creating PPC and SEO strategies. 

When creating the rebrand, Alannah focused on colour psychology and chose fonts and a colour palette that were well received by ITL's ideal consumer base during the research phase, to demonstrate a brand that can be trusted and relied on.


K2AV was initially started back in 2013 but resurfaced in early 2017 after a long hiatus. When K2AV returned it was made apparent that it would require a complete rebrand. We made a whole new website with a subscription platform for K2AV's new content and exclusive features, which would be restricted from those not on a subscription plan. We also built the website to include a shop for K2AV's new merch and event tickets. The screenshot you see first of the website is actually a still from a video we put on the homepage to act as a sort of trailer without sound. To coincide with the new website, we created a new logo with refreshed brand colours and fonts. This was also implemented across K2AV's social channels and offline materials, such as stickers, enamel pins, event posters and event banners.

Kaleidoscope ADM

Liverpool-based agency, Kaleidoscope had just undergone their own rebrand when work on this had begun. We started by creating a Christmas email campaign which ran across their Instagram and Twitter. The stills you see to the left were actually gifs, showing flashing lights. Additionally, we wanted to create content that would allow the audience to meet the people behind the agency. As part of this, we created these first job pieces to correlate with the brand's ethos of 'shaping experiences'.

View our strategy page to see the work we undertook for their social media campaigns, both organic and paid.

Tyler's Turf

Started by a young entrepreneur across the pond in the States, Tyler's Turf was a relatively new independent business experiencing a large boom in it's client base. The aim was to develop the brand from offline and word-of-mouth marketing to something more engaging online. With a new website underway, we were tasked with creating a new logo and complete brand guidelines. We also created some visual content for the social channels of Tyler's Turf, namely Instagram and Twitter. The examples you see here are a few of our blog topic suggestions, to be posted and further advertised on Instagram.

Santa Cruz Gardens

Another client across the pond, Santa Cruz Gardens' MD approached us to refresh an old design they already had. 

Santa Cruz Gardens is a residential housing sub-division in the Galapagos Islands, famous for its giant tortoises, Charles Darwin, and incredible wild-life experiences. 

Their community is based around sustainability, community, and responsible investment. 

The neighbourhood of Santa Cruz Gardens is very green, with some native wildlife, and it is a place where people live in tune with nature as much as possible. 

Our client didn't want a new logo, but simply evolve it. The original logo was created 10 years ago, and the project/organisation has since moved on. Wanting to add some more details that they felt represent them, the client asked us to take a recent draft from another designer they had previously employed, and to develop it further. 

Beech Hill

This client was one of our many music industry clients and required a logo and set of brand guidelines for them to use. After listening to their latest EP, we took inspiration from bohemian fabrics, old cabins, and coastal locations in the US and Canada, such as Maine of New England, and Mahone of Nova Scotia. We opted for a free-hand illustrative look but employing more stark, masculine colours.

Smaller Earth

While developing their social channels, global youth travel brand, Smaller Earth required consistent imagery that also evoked the tone of voice and interests of its audience. We also carried out work across their Camp Leaders brand with the same aims. For Smaller Earth, we produced multiple creatives employing inspirational imagery and travel quotes. For Camp Leaders, we used the same general guidelines, but utilised the Camp Leaders brand fonts and colours, using quotes from their past and current participants and User Generated images, with a strong visual focused on America.